China to create more medical centers to further ease nationwide access
SHI YU/China Daily

China will establish more national and regional medical centers to relieve the unequal distribution of medical resources, as well as improve their disease control system to better defend the threats of contagious diseases, health officials said Friday

Xu Shuqiang, head of the Health Reform Department of the" target="_BLANK">" target="_BLANK">National Health Commission, said that, in recent years, the country has established 10 medical centers nationwide who are dedicated to Main treatments of a specific medical field and helping to promote qualified professionals and 50 regional medical centers, which refer to those found in relatively developed regions and require channeling resources to less developed regions.

another 15,000 medical associations between top -level hospitals in large levels in large ones have established medical facilities of the cities and base, he said.

"The problem of having difficulty accessing quality medical care has been made effectively," he said.

Sun Zhicheng, deputy director of the Department of Social Development of the National Development and Reform Commission, said that the general planning of medical centers nationwide will be completed in five years and the 11 remaining provinces that have not been covered by regional medical centers will be equipped with said resources by the end of this year.

Covid-19 Pandemia has also caused efforts to improve the country's disease control system, reinforced by the recently established National Disease Prevention Administration and disease control control, according to Xu.

An approach would be to increase disease control capabilities of primary medical care facilities and provide more training for grassroots workers, he said.

Public hospitals will be guided to establish departments dedicated to public health or disease control, and" target="_BLANK">local disease control officials will strengthen supervision on the preparation for hospitals disease control.


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