Majority of Beijing Expats Working from Home due to Coronavirus

Most expatriates in Beijing are working from home coronavirus in response to the crisis, according to a survey by the website Beijinger. The survey, conducted on WeChat last week, 341 foreigners interviewed in eight Beijing-specific WeChat groups

Source :. Mimi Thian

The results showed that the vast majority of foreigners working in China's capital (68 percent) are working exclusively from home during this so-called "special period." Another 20 percent are working part of your home and partly in the office, while fewer than one in 10 are working their regular hours at the office as they did before the outbreak. overall, 42 percent of respondents said their burden work has been reduced due to a drop in business on the back of the outbreak COVID-19.

the Beijinger admits, however, that there was a flaw in the study because some of the respondents said they are still in limbo yet have not been able to return to work at all. Others, especially teachers reported that their workload has actually increased since the outbreak.

Many teachers said the change to the lessons in l nea has incre ASED their hours as more material must be prepared for online classes, as the fact that the typical discussion of class has become obsolete. They are also having to spend time doing individual assessments and provide feedback to students whose progress will normally be able to control the class.

In addition, messages and meetings between faculty members try to navigate the new system work are bleeding in the evenings and on weekends. With all schools currently closed across China, teachers with their own children at home find it particularly difficult to keep up with the workflow.

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