Foreigners in China Face Discrimination as Imported Corona Infections Grow

Foreigners in China face discrimination and restrictions as the public and the government remain wary of imported coronavirus infections. In recent days, new infections COVID-19 from within China have been reduced to almost nothing, while imported cases continue to rise. The result has seen foreigners of all nationalities, if you just come to China or not, face greater scrutiny and suspicion

Source :. Pavel Anoshin

The stories are circulating among expatriate communities of foreigners returning home to find the locks have been changed and are no longer welcome in their residential complex. Others have refused haircuts or asked by their employers not to associate with their friends expatriates.

Although most imported infections are taking China by Chinese citizens, have also been several reports of hotels refuse to rent rooms to foreigners, even if they have been in China for two weeks or more. According to a reporter for the British newspaper The Guardian, a hotel in Shanghai they said they had been warned by the local government does not provide rooms to foreigners from 20 countries. A reporter form Canadian Globe and Mail also reported call nine hotels in Beijing and refused a room at all.

Meanwhile, other expatriates have been unable to sign a new contract or extend your current service with line rental Ziroom. The Beijinger was confirmed with the group that have not been subject to any official policy of the government, but some owners and residential communities no longer wishes to rent to foreigners.

What is clear is that as China slowly emerge from the ashes of coronavirus and the rest of the world struggles under its highest point, foreigners in China will be examined more than ever.

Have you experienced any discrimination recently? Tell us about it in the comments section.

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