Across China: Expats resume work in China as business reboots

Tianjin, Aug. 24 (Xinhua) - Angiola Rucci, a senior manager in the triumph of Asia Co., Ltd., a company event organization based in Italy, has been busy shuttling between exhibition venues in Shanghai, with five events are aligned in east China Metropolis this month

. "Exhibition projects of many companies at home and abroad got postponed or canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic. However, our business in China has been back on track. Solos in August, we have five projects in Shanghai" , said Rucci, who had to undergo a 14-day quarantine upon arrival in northern China's Tianjin municipality.

in compliance with regulations of China epidemic control, Rucci and 200 passengers on NO942 flight from Italy to Tianjin underwent quarantine after arriving at the international airport Tianjin Binhai. She said many of the passengers were foreign employees returning to work in China

. As soon as the quarantine ended on August 14 and negative test nucleic acid test results, he went to Shanghai. One day later, she danced her way into the headquarters of the launch of a modern motorcycle in red and black in the spotlight .

Maria Criscuolo, president and CEO of Triumph Group International, the parent company of Triumph Asia Co., Ltd., said, the company personnel are returning to China. She relies on the Chinese market and the company's business in the country

. "China has done a great work in the prevention and control of epidemics special entrances and halls have been allocated for passengers arriving at the Nos airport collected by vehicles designated upon arrival, "said Rucci

. "I could not see their faces under the special suits, but I could feel that they were considerate and thoughtful," said

. "Attendees and doctors always responded quickly to our needs and did everything possible to help everyone to solve problems, "said Faoro

. "I read books, made roof over exercises and dealt with the business of the company during quarantine," said Faoro, who has returned to his company for the production of clothing materials in Jiangsu Province, east China < / p>

. "Our overseas orders incurred a loss of about 50 percent due to the epidemic in the first half of the year. However, we are determined to continue to develop the Chinese market and looking for new busines s partners in China," said Faoro

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