China is a country full of opportunities for foreigners, but life here also comes with a number of risks for those who are not doing things by the book. While it may be tempting to cut corners, take shortcuts, or bend the rules, these actions can turn against you in a painful way. Below are six risks are not worth taking as a foreigner in China

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Have the Wrong Visa

The first and greatest risk to prevent a foreigner in China is having the wrong visa. It is the basis on which life is based on the country, so if you are not in the correct visa, you run the risk of being deported at any time.

Perhaps there is a company that says it is good to work with a business visa. Maybe you want to start your own business and think you can get by with a tourist visa while you are getting from the earth. There was a time when it might have been able to get away with this sort of thing, but China is much stricter on visas and now risk not worth taking. As we have seen time and again, there is no zero tolerance policy for foreigners who break the rules visa, even if they have no idea that they are in violation.

Even if you ride your luck and do not get caught, you're still creating a gap in your employment history. If you want to ever apply for a job that gives you a proper work visa, you have to walk the dangerous tightrope between sharing your experience working with your potential employer and reveals that he has worked illegally in the past.


While having the right visa is of vital importance, is only half the battle when it comes to make sure you are following the rules of employment China. It is also important to make sure you are paying the right taxes.

Some unscrupulous companies may ask you to commit yourself to accepting to avoid paying taxes, while others only spot to have everything in hand. Either way, it is ultimately up to you to make sure all your taxes are in order. You may feel that it is the responsibility of the company, but if spoil anything, you who will bear the brunt of the consequences is.

Although you might enjoy the little cash every month (let's face it, nobody likes to pay taxes), we have seen more and more cases in recent years of the government to take action crack down on tax evasion. If you are caught dodging the project, you may find yourself with a huge tax bill, a fine, or worse.

Paying taxes is not so bad, either. Foreigners in China taxpayers can take advantage of certain schemes of government, including social insurance and housing provident fund, which can be used to help pay for medical care and housing.

Not having health insurance

If you have lived in China long enough, chances are you've seen cases where a foreigner has been hospitalized and community expatriates is to raise funds for treatment. It's always sad to see, but it's even sadder when you consider that could have been avoided with adequate health insurance.

While there are some foreigners in China that may not be able to afford health insurance, there are many others who, if budgeted responsibly, they could have complete coverage. Packages start from as little as RMB6,000 per year, a small price to pay for peace of mind if you have an accident or become ill. Certainly better to have the medical bills of hundreds of thousands of yuan and rely on the charity of the community to pay them.

Any violation driving laws

There are many ways that foreigners are at risk when driving in China. Whether for drinking then driving, driving with a license that was obtained illegally, or driving without a license at all. This way of thinking seems to have developed dangerous from some foreigners see others doing the same and assuming that either do not apply the rules or penalties are not large.

Have no illusion. It may seem that the traffic regulations in China are not as harsh as in the West, but when the authorities enforced, that come with strength. Driving while intoxicated or without a license will not only result in a fine, you could land in jail or deported to see you. What's more, if you accidentally damage materials or, God forbid, someone hurt while driving break a law, you can expect very serious consequences indeed. Get your moped registered properly and take a cab after drinking is not a nuisance compared.

Being careless or combat online

Exchange controversial opinions or enter an online discussion rarely ends well for foreigners in China. You can drive when fighting with trolls and a lot of stress for something that actually does not usually affect your real life.

Avoid confrontation online is a good idea, no matter where in the world are, but in China, especially a post thoughtless media can quickly escalate. If you lose online calm and say something that offends the Chinese people or the government, you may find yourself in trouble at work or even expelled from the country. When you return to your home country trying to rebuild your life, you may wonder if it was really worth to win that argument with that person who has never seen.

open your own bar or restaurant

This is one that does not apply to many foreigners in China, although many of us probably would have considered at some time or another. Perhaps we have been sat at the bar or local restaurant, it was disappointed with the service or the food and thought, "I could do this better."

But before you start planning the menu and choose the tables and chairs, pause for a minute and ask yourself the following: How many bars and restaurants have been opened and closed, while lived in China? How many are busy every day of the week? What the owner is tired and when was the last time he / she took a holiday?

Opening a bar or restaurant, it is a move that some foreigners do after living in China for a while and made some money. With a less than perfect understanding of local norms and customs requirements, however, a lot to live nevertheless. Your bar or restaurant may have only lasted six months, but often the owners are decades old and burned through their life savings.

What other risks are not worth it for foreigners in China? Release your suggestions in the comment box below.

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