Hong Kong needs to enhance competitiveness to seek win-win results with Shenzhen: HKSAR chief executive

HONG KONG - The chief executive of the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong of China (SAR) Carrie Lam said Tuesday that both Hong Kong and Shenzhen have their own advantages, and Hong Kong need to improve their competitiveness to treat win-win results with Shenzhen.

Hong Kong and Shenzhen have room for cooperation in fields such as Innovation and technology, cultural and creative industries, higher education and health care, Lam said in a media session before the meeting of the Executive Council, adding that she has asked the relevant departments to carry out research and analysis on Tianjinjobs.com/view-blog/994" target="_BLANK">deepening cooperation between Hong Kong-Shenzhen.

Hong Kong and Shenzhen can build together an "economy of the twin city" and become a dual engine for growth in the province of Guangdong-Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area, and it is expected that the two places can strengthen their cooperation for mutual benefit and win-win results, he said.

COVID-19 in the epidemic, Lam said the situation was stabilizing during ek past, but to be on the safe side, prevention measures are not relaxed yet.

He added that the HKSAR government will discuss whether restrictions can relax in some meetings or economic activities, such as weddings and local excursions.

As for the issue of land in Hong Kong, Lam stressed that the determination of the government of Hong Kong today to develop the land will not be reduced or adjusted because of the economic recession or declining real estate market. The Hong Kong Government is determined to continue to adopt a multi-pronged approach to increase land supply.

Land in Hong Kong is limited, but as Hong Kong parks and wetlands country people values, recovery is one of the ways to make land available on a large scale, he noted.

the "Lantau Tomorrow Vision" has an advantageous geographic location for a good transport network, and the potential to become the third central business district of Hong Kong, he added.

The "Lantau Tomorrow Vision" is a development project on artificial islands off the coast of Lantau Island.

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