Many schools provide housing for their teachers when teaching in China. However, most of the time; you wil be sharing your house with other teachers. Teachers have their own bedroom and a shared living room, kitchen, bathroom and sometimes a dining room and small balcony.  The housing is located near the school, usually within a 10 minute walk. And some might live in schools. For some expat teachers who have been for China for years can rent an apartment themselves and house insurance and benefits will be provided. For someone arriving to teach in China for the first time having accommodation provided is a huge benefit and makes the transition a lot smoother and easier as you will not have to search for housing in China and will not be paying any rent. 

Housing cost in China

Renting an apartment in big cities in China like Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, usually costs much more than small cities. In main cities such as Guangzhou, Beijing or Shangahi you can rent an apartment for 3000RMB to 4500RMB per month, around 60 – 80 square feet of space with 2/3 bedrooms fairly central location and shops nearby, good public transport and restaurants. Outside downtown and small cities typically cost 1500-2500 RMB per month. Obviously prices will vary depending on the age of apartment, location, size and amenities.

Items included in the house in China

Housing in China furnished with all the essentials such as a fridge, TV, furniture, a washing machine and air conditioning. All housing in China will have a Western style sit-down toilet, the squat-style toilets are only found in public restrooms. Amenities typically provided in the apartment in China are:


Double bed

Western-style mattress

Table/dressing table

Air conditioner




Gas hob




Microwave oven




Eating/living area

Table + two chairs

Coffee table


Air conditioning


Arm chair

Adequate lighting



Western-style toilet



Washing machine


How to find house in China

You can go to these websites to search information:  Usually school will help you to find one. If you have Chinese friends, ask them for more information. Going to the house agency is also a way to find an apartment in China. 

Things you should know about housing in China

Most houses in China do not have baths as people generally prefer to shower and also because bathrooms are smaller than most in the west.  

The electricity at houses in China is 220V, 50 HZ, AC and come with two standard power sockets, Power adaptors can be bought at any local electrical shop in China very cheaply which will allow you to use electrical products from abroad. 


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