Teaching in China is very interesting. Not only can you learn much about Chinese culture, but you can enjoy many ways of Chinese lifestyle. China has a big market in teaching in English. From 3 years old to 25 years old. You can choose to teach English in kindergartens, training centers, primary schools and high schools. Even in universities.


Teaching in China you can gain many things you don’t have at home. The biggest difference is the salary and benefits. Normally, teaching in a primary school you can earn at least 8000RMB per month. An apartment is included and the salary is basic in secondary cities, such as: Dongguan, Foshan, Chongqing, Zhanjiang city. If you choose a big city as your destination, such as: Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai. You can earn more. Around, 15000-20000RMB per month (if you have experience) before bonuses. The salaries you earn are higher than a local English teacher. But we all live in the same city, the cost of living is the same, so you can save a lot of money teaching English in China.Based on the living standards in China, you can earn 15000RMB per month which is very high compared with the working hours in China, you work less hours.

How much can you save every month and how much can you send back home?

According to the experienced teacher in China, usually they can save 10000RMB per month. Some people may be curious about this, how can they live in a comfortable life with such budgets? Here is some advice to help you live a comfortable and save money in China.


1: Don’t buy luxury products

Surely, teaching in China you can earn lots of money. Sometimes you don’t need to pay for your apartment. If you don’t plan your money, you may spend it quickly. If you don’t want to waste your money, you must remember don’t buy luxury products in China. Some luxury products such as: Levis trousers cost a lot, but in western country they don’t even call these “luxury”. Every one could buy Levis trousers. In China, Levis trousers in an outlet may cost you at least 2000RMB. 2000RMB in China you can buy at least 100 trousers in a retail shop.


2: Bargain

In China, they have many on sale stores and many places you can find many cheap clothes, shoes and items. Even in a big city like Beijing and Shanghai, you can find many street stalls. The owners always make the price very high, because you are a foreigner. In that situation, they think that a foreigner has more money to spend; they will give you a high price, usually twice as high as a local people. If you know about that and can bargain with them, you can save a lot. Bargaining with Chinese retailers is not so easy the first time, but if you try, you make it.As a general rule on street stalls you should knock the price down to around 60% of the original asking price. If you don’t like bargaining or don’t have the skills, don’t worry. You’d better go with your Chinese friends who have excellent skills in bargaining. Don’t look down one bargain, every time you are successful you can save a lot on it.


3: Cook for yourself

If your school doesn’t supply an apartment, you need to rent one. It is better for you to split with other teachers. Usually, a big apartment located in downtown in a big city will cost you 1500RMB /month. If you teach in a small city, it costs less. The apartment will provide necessities such as: fridge, frezzer, sofa, washing machine, tv, beds and so on. Compared with other Chinese apartment, you will live in a very comfortable house for this price. In your own apartment, you can cook for yourself. You can cook food you like and save money as well. Eating outside in a normal Chinese restaurant won’t cost you much, but if you eat in western restaurant it will cost more. Cooking at home is the cheapest way. For example, you can earn 15000RMB per month, your apartment costs you 1500RMB plus your food expenditure 1500RMB, you also have other 2000RMB to buy things you want or go to a bar. In total, you can save 10000RMB /month and you still have a comfortable life in China.


4: Find a part time job

 Full time working in a school, means you have a lot of free time. Every week is roughly 20hours teaching (full time). So you can find a part time teaching job in a training center or kindergartens during the weekends and evenings. There are many job openings in training centers in China. Usually, you will get 150-200RMB per hour. Add your part time and full time together and the money you earn is very high. Some teachers working full time and part time earn up to 25,000-30,000RMB /month teaching English in China.






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