Foreign teachers in China will be able to take on part-time work if new draft measures formulated by the government are approved. Recruited in reports from China that the Ministry of Education of China, together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Science and Technology, are working together to improve the current system and foreign teachers help in China legalize their side haste.

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In a statement to the end of last month, the Ministry of Education announced that foreign teachers seeking outside employment part-time additional the company he joins the visa may do so, provided that the arrangement has been agreed with employers.

on the draft regulations, an agreement between the teacher, the principal source of employment and the employer must part-time to be signed and sent to the exit and entrance of the Department of Administration in order to legalize provision. It seems new teachers will not be able to take on additional work during the trial period, however, and the number of hours worked in part-time work also can not exceed the number of hours they are contracted to their original employer.

Many foreign teachers in China take jobs part time as a way to earn some extra cash under the table. Despite a violation of the law of visa, such practices are so common that the government is willing to get a job teaching part-time in books and therefore taxed accordingly.

Meanwhile, tighter regulations may be in store for foreign teachers in China in general. Under more new proposals submitted by the ministries mentioned above, teachers could be fired for "words and deeds" that are considered damaging China's sovereignty.

The Administrative Department of Education of the State Council is also ready to launch an information platform that will establish a credit system for foreign teachers. Under the proposed system you will be asked to educational institutions to provide reports of their teachers to the Ministry of Education, with any misbehavior required by law to be recorded. Examples of misbehavior presented in the project includes serious academic misconduct, accepting unauthorized outside school play or leave without notice before the employment contract has expired.

Expatriates considered "excellent" teachers will be awarded points, while those who fall from grace can be found on a list of banned teachers. Accredited educational institutions may consult score any foreign teacher registered in China using its unique credit number, ie, those who do not accumulate points could fight for a job.

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