Singles day, occurs on November 11, and it has become the world’s biggest online shopping day, due to Jack Ma’s particular vision of e-commerce, it is a fact that online shopping has played an important part of Chinese daily life. With online and wireless payment it's more and more convenient, people are willing to spend more on online shopping than ever before. If you know some Chinese, then it is recommended that you try online shopping in China. There are various cheap items and you can easily find something you want as well as save money, especially if you are looking for unusual items.

Below are the popular shopping sites in China:

1. Taobao and T-mall

Both of them are the brands of China’s Alibaba group, whose founder is Jack Ma. By 2013, Taobao has more than 500 million registered users and 60 million fixed visitors every day. Moreover, concurrent listings on Taobao have exceeded 800 million daily and every minute selling 48 thousand goods. All the figures and achievements prove that Taobao is the biggest and the most important shopping site in China. The difference between Taobao and T-mall is that Taobao is mostly about middle, small size companies and individual merchants, while T-mall only allows certified large scale corporation merchants to sell goods on it. Thus the price of goods is commonly lower on Taobao but the quality is not always guaranteed. However, T-mall is the opposite, where the majority of items are a bit more expensive but have guaranteed quality.

2. is one of the China’s biggest e-commerce companies and one of the largest B2C online retailers in China, with 47.40 thousand active users and 32.33 thousand orders in total by 2013. As other online retailers, sells various goods, including daily necessities, food, clothes and electronics etc. Meanwhile, sells a lot of computer parts, providing installation advice services and installation assistance services, which differ from other retailers. Also, has its self-run courier group, offering the best and quickest courier service. For example, 211 special delivery, covering major cities, means that if you order before 11:00am delivery will be the same day and if you order before 11:00pm delivery will be the next day. In addition, you can choose the goods to be delivered at night if you are not at home during the daytime or collect goods yourself at specified locations. In some cities, you can pay after goods have been delivered to your door.

3. and Gome is a B2C online shopping platform of Suning Company, selling electronics, mobile phones, computers and books etc. Different from the aforementioned shopping sites, Suning has physical stores selling electronics across the nation and it focuses on synchronous development of online shopping and physical shopping. Therefore, customers can see electronic products for themselves in their retail stores and then purchase it online. At the same time, Suning offers better after-sale service and prompt delivery service. 

As for Gome, it is quite similar to Suning, which has physical electronics stores and online shopping platform synchronously. It is often said that they compete against each other.

4. Amazon China (

Amazon is the largest e-commerce company in America and also one of the earliest e-commerce companies in the world. The advantage of Amazon is that the company has a long history of running e-commerce globally so it offers competitive online shopping service towards its rivals. As an expat, you may find the shopping experience quite similar to back home because the website design is almost the same as the original one and it has an English version, which varies from its Chinese competitors that are more Chinese-oriented. Amazon has its own delivery group in some major cities so if you live within these areas you can enjoy quick delivery.

5. is an online shopping site which specializes in special sales and certified products. It is also the first shopping site that insures every product they sell for guaranteeing products’ quality. Major products from cover clothes, shoes, accessories, make-up, and leather-wares etc. Returning goods is easy on so you don’t have to worry about buying something unsuitable.

There are also other shopping sites and they all have preferences on product selection. focuses on educational and multimedia products such as books, videos and music etc. is called an online supermarket because its main products are daily necessities. Vancl specializes in all sorts of garment and other fashion products.

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