Qingdao is a wonderdful picturesque coastal city that lies on the southern tip of China's Shandong province, located in JiaoZhou Bay facing the Yellow Sea. Qingdao is well known for its European architecture and attractive coastal landscape. With its abundance of natural beauty and bustling city life, the year-round schedule of tourist attractions and events, as well as an extensive public transportation network, Qingdao truly is an ideal place to live and begin your teaching career. 

The city is famous for its delicious fresh seafood, Tsingtao Beer (China's most famous brand), and its colorful panorama of red-roofed houses and green trees overlooking the sea. The city has many spaces of parkland and forest, and is close to the LaoShan Scenic Area which has its own beautiful mountain landscapes and waterfalls. Teaching in China, Qingdao is a great city to balance your life and career. 

Jobs in Qingdao

Qingdao offers many ESL jobs for those who hold USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa or UK passport/s. Even for those without any experience. There are many opportunities provided in kindergartens, primary schools, middle/high schools, universities and training centers. Many expats teach in language schools and home tutoring as a part time option to earn extra cash.

Working in Qingdao

Teaching English in Qingdao as a full time ESL teacher in kindergartens, middle/high schools and primary schools usually requires working 25-40 hours per week with weekends off. If you work as a part time teacher, 8-10 hours per week is enough.

To work in Qingdao, a BA degree or higher qualification is preferred; a native speaker is also important; non-native speakers with excellent English and good accent would be acceptable in most institutions; a TEFL/TESOL is required; having working experience is preferred but not necessary. Generally speaking, employer requirements are basic on how much they pay you; how many hours you teach per day; how big the company is; what kinds of company you work in. If you would like to work in an excellent school, requirements are usually higher, vice versa. And teaching in Qingdao, the requirements are not so high compared to teaching English in a Tier 1 city such as Beijing. 

Finding a job in Qingdao

Without a doubt, the best way to find a job in Qingdao is on line. You don’t need to go out to the job market and schools. The best you can do is search the internet and go to the recruiting websites such as: www.teachingchina.net,  www.findworkabroad.com and www.echinacities.com. They have many jobs information and many employers post their job openings. You can also post your information on the website so that  employers can see your information and contact you directly. If you can’t find a suitable job by yourself, you can turn to some recruiters to help you, because they have the latest information and familiar with this industry. They can find a suitably job for you faster and easier than you do. Most importantly they are free.  

Future possibilities 

Working in Qingdao can give you excellent working experience in the future no matter where you go to teach and which country you go to. And you can enjoy a peaceful life style while teaching in Qingdao. Qingdao is a city, where you can easily start your teaching business and gain a range of experience. After you teach one or two years in Qingdao, you can easily find a job in other cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Shijiazhuang. You can ask higher salary or higher position when you negotiate with your employer. Teaching English is a great chance for a great future.


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