The new rules have been developed to toughen regulations for foreign teachers in China. Under the new proposals, which were issued on Tuesday and are now open for public comment until August 21 foreign teachers in China could be fired by so-called "words and deeds" that are considered to harm China's sovereignty.

Source :: Leonardo Toshiro Okubo

Global Times reports that foreigners will be prohibited from "engaging in illegal religious education of preaching" if the rules are finally approved for education, Foreign Affairs, public Security and Science ministries.

Before accepting a job in China, foreign teachers would be required to undergo a minimum of 20 hours of training in teaching ethics and Chinese Constitution. Found in violation of the proposed rules would be reported to educational authorities and possibly fired.

As is typically the case of new foreign teachers in China, faculty members would all be required to have at the least a bachelor's degree, a degree of relevant education and experience in teaching at the least two years . Schools would be required to publish the license name, nationality and work of all teachers on their website, and employment of teachers are without the proper qualifications could be fined 10,000 RMB per teacher.

The demand for foreign teachers, especially English teachers, remains high in China, but with better wages boot, plus good average performance, it has also become a race increasingly popular for new graduates without experience. According to 2019 national statistics, there are more than one million foreign teachers in China, but only 10 percent have valid certificates.

Foreign teachers have been growing in recent years, with more and more being detained and deported by the authorities and several high-profile cases in the headlines. In July last year, for example, 16 foreign teachers and students were arrested in drug bust at a facility in Xuzhou Education First.

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