ONLINE ENGLSH Teacher Opportunity - up to $30 USD / hr

ONLINE ENGLSH Teacher Opportunity - up to $30 USD / hr

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Dec-30-2020 - Online

USD 2000 to 4000 per month  -


Are you looking for an online teaching opportunity? Here we have a fantastic opportunity for Native English speakers located anywhere in the world to earn extra income teaching English online!

1. About HeyTalk:
* We Cooperate with Chinese public schools (primary from age 7 to 12, junior students aged from 13 to 15, and senior high students aged from 16 to 18).
* Currently over 1000 public schools from different cities in China.
* Online dual-teacher English classes, one Chinese English teacher in the classroom to be your teaching assistant.
2. About the class:
* group class with 40 to 60 students in one class
* 30-40 mins long for each class depending on levels and age groups
* teaching time

3. HeyTalk designs it’s own teaching materials

4. No classes during summer vacation(2months), winter vacation(1month), public holidays(11days)

50% more classes than on other online ESL platforms: No worries about booking rate, we will give you plenty of classes if you perform well.
A starting hourly rate from $10 to $30 dollars, plus possibility to achieve as high as $30 of full attendance bonus.
Professional Free Training: Cultivate you to be the best online teacher in this field for free.




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