Non-Teaching Customer Relationship Manager, Shanghai

Non-Teaching Customer Relationship Manager, Shanghai

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2022-02-14 China Shanghai 200052 China Shanghai
Feb-14-2022 - Shanghai

CNY 15000CNY - 20000CNY/month  - Full Time

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We're looking for an experience Customer Relationship Manager to handle clients in Shanghai, China. Suitable applicants should be proficient in Arabic, English and Mandarin.

Job details: 1. Visit new customers, establish new business relationships, promote orders, and be willing and willing to take the initiative to develop customers; 2. Manage customer relationship and complete the performance business assigned by the company; 3. Connect the design director of the company and the project director of the customer, from the business corner Degree, provide the integration scheme required by customers, and promote the smooth progress of the project; 4. Be responsible for completing relevant negotiation and signing of cooperation projects, and be responsible for specific cooperation Progress promotion, tracking and maintenance; 5. Complete the payment collection task according to the contract according to the progress of the project; 6. Organization and recording of project meetings and coordination of internal and external relations of the project, and Convey the latest information of project progress to relevant departments when necessary; 7. Collect the latest market information and provide reference for the company's business development and project development 8. Operate the pre bid work, have rich sales experience in operating the pre bid work, and need a senior customer in China to help the sales order. Examination and suggestion; 9. Other sales and customer service tasks assigned by the company. Job Requirements: 1. Bachelor degree or above, more than three years working experience in the same position, understand
Architectural design industry or theft source is preferred;
2. At least 2 years of sales experience. If there is sales experience in submitting plans and integrating various products for the project, it is the best;
3. Good image and temperament, careful and rigorous personality, steady and down-to-earth, good at communicating with people
Good sales or business negotiation skills;
4. Good professional ethics, proactive working attitude, high degree of cooperation and self-confidence
Bear high working pressure;
5. Strong executive ability and can actively promote the implementation of the project.




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