I'm a holder of the Advanced English / Chinese Interpreting Certificate in Beijing

2023-03-04 China Beijing 100000 China Beijing
Mar-04-2023 - Beijing

 1 to 1 per month  - Part Time

Teachingchina We are looking for an experienced and qualified Interpreter to join our team in Beijing, China. The ideal candidate will possess an Advanced English / Chinese Interpreting Certificate (Consecutive & Simultaneous) from the Ministry of Education and Beijing Foreign Studies University, as well as an advanced Cambridge Business English Certificate and TEM8. We seek someone with extensive training experience from leading English schools, such as New Oriental and Crazy English, as well as experience in translating and interpreting for the government, NGOs, IGOs, and multinationals. The successful applicant should have a sound knowledge of Education, Psychology, Sports, Economics and Trade, as well as a strong interest in Movies and Arts. If you are responsible, understanding, careful, easy-going and loving, please get in touch.




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