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Are you an enthusiastic educator with a burning desire to make a difference?
At JobsCN Recruitment Agency, we have an extraordinary opportunity for you to expand your horizons in the vibrant and dynamic landscape of China. Our hunt is for committed and inspired teachers who are eager to influence the lives of their students positively.

As an expat teacher in China, you will get the golden opportunity to interact with a diverse range of students and immerse yourself in a distinctive culture.
Not only will you be able to impart knowledge, but also learn and grow in this enriching environment. The position comes with a competitive salary, rewarding you for the significant role you play in shaping the future generation.

We offer an array of teaching positions that cater to your unique skills and interests. Whether your expertise lies in high school education or kindergarten teaching, there's a place for you in our dedicated team.
Our supportive and inclusive work setting ensures a warm welcome from day one, making you feel right at home in this new adventure.

So why wait?
Take the leap and step into the exciting world of teaching in China.
Apply now to unlock your potential and embark on a journey of a lifetime as an expat teacher. Remember,the location is the beautiful country of China.
Let’s kickstart this exciting chapter in your teaching career together!





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