Teaching English in Xiamen can be a rewarding experience, personally, culturally and professionally. Xiamen has the most beautiful beaches and best air quality within China and its welcoming people make it one of the best places on earth to for ESL teaching. And you can study Mandarin, one of the most important languages in the world. So you may be wondering how to find an English teaching job in Xiamen.

Prepare your CV

Prepare your resume. Many jobs in Xiamen actually only require that you are a native speaker of English to get the job. No Chinese language skills are necessary, although some may say they prefer teachers with some capability, because if you can speak a little Chinese it will be easier to teach. If you are TEFL certified, highlight this, as it will give you an advantage over other applicants. Those who majored in English or Education will have an advantage as well. Teaching jobs in Xiamen are abundant and easy to find a teaching job. However, before apply a job, you should prepare your CV and make it impressive to be selected for the best opportunities.

Find information

Figure out which schools in Xiamen you want to teach English in. Primary schools, middle/high schools or kindergartens. Which age you would like to teach and which is suitable for your teaching skill? Search information on line, what type of weather is it? What’s the school like and how is the public transport? Xiamen is a good city to enjoy your rest life and begin your teaching career.

Choose a school carefully

Apply and send resumes to the jobs you like. Be flexible with the ages you want to teach. Kindergarten English teaching positions will pay a lot, but is hard if you do not have experience with young children. Public school jobs will handle your work visa efficiently, will not cheat you and will look good on the resume; however, the pay might not be so high. Be careful and stay away from jobs that cannot be clear on things. If you’re not sure it is a scam, you’d better ask a recruiter to help you. We recommend you some websites they are professional in recruiting and had helped many teachers find teaching jobs across China. Teachingchina.net and Findworkabroad.com

Go for interview

Prepare your interview no matter face to face or on line interview, make sure you prepare all your documents (CV, passport, BA copy) and have them to hand if asked for in the interview. Be confident to reply all the questions employers ask and tell them why you are a good English teacher and explain your teaching methods. Some schools in Xiamen will require you giving a demo class as well.

Sign a contract carefully

After the interview, if you like the school. Employers will send you a contract. Look carefully and make sure you understand all of it before your sign it. If there are some things vaguely written please don’t be shy to ask your employers. Be careful about the following: salary, working hours, accommodation, other benefits, working visa, your flight payment, and contract dates, documents and so on.

Other Recommendations

1) Study some Chinese beforehand. You will need to use it to some degree.

2) Avoid schools that do not answer your questions about visa issues. If they have the right to process a work visa, they will tell you right away because this is seen as a credential of their school; if they do not say anything about the visa, and you ask, they may bounce around the question. Tell the school directly that without a work visa, you cannot stay and teach. Read forums beforehand about your company so you can see what others have said about the school.

3) Make sure there is something written about overtime pay in your contract. Otherwise you may be forced to work extra hours at the same rate or worse, for nothing.

4) Change some money (RMB) for your daily living and emergency situations.

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