Teaching English in China is more and more popular among foreign expats, it is a great way to learn Chinese culture and language as well as enjoy the exotic lifestyle. Choosing a university to teach in is many ESL teachers’ first option as they provide wonderful working hours, fabulous eager to learn students great bonus and comfortable teaching environment, plenty of free time to enjoy your life as well.

How to find a teaching job in university and what documents do you need to hold?

1: A bachelor’s degree.

Hundreds of teachers move to China every year to work in universities. Most of the teaching jobs available to foreigners are for English classes because the demand there is highest. Teaching English in universities typically requires that you are a native English speaker and have a bachelor degree—any subject will do, if you hold a bachelor in education this will be better. Having a master’s degree isn’t necessary to teach oral English in universities, but it will earn you considerably more in monthly salary. If you teach subjects besides oral English at the universities, you’ll need at least a master’s degree and more and more they want doctor degree especially those famous universities, like Peking University; FuDan University and Wuhan University.

2: Complete a solid TEFL/TESOL course

To land a position teaching English at a top university, you’ll need a TESOL/CELTA certificate. This course is excellent preparation for teaching English as a second language. The real experience does not only help you find a better job in universities but also helps you improve your teaching skills.  

3: Research available jobs in universities

Research information and available jobs on line and which city you would like to go to and which universities you want to know more details. Usually each university has their own website, go and have a look.

4: Where to find a reliable job in universities.

Nowadays finding a teaching job in universities in China is via an on line application. Some international recruiters specialize in helping expats to find jobs. And they can help you find a suitable job. Before you ask for help, make sure the recruiter is legal and reliable. Some international recruiters in China: www.findworkabroad.com  www.teachingchina.net  http://www.Dave's esl cafe.com

5: Apply the positions you like

After choosing the opening positions you like in a university, and you can send your resume and reference letter to them via email. Make sure your CV looks smart. You can click here to learn how to prepare an attractive CV https://teachingchina.net/articles/37

6: Go for interview

Prepare your interview no matter face to face or on line interview, make sure you prepare all your documents (CV, passport, BA copy) and have them to hand if asked for in the interview. Be confident to reply all the questions employers ask and tell them why you are a good English teacher and explain your teaching methods. Some universities in China will require you giving a demo class as well.

7: Clarify all aspects of the contract

After the interview, if you like the school. Employers will send you a contract. Look carefully and make sure you understand all of it before your sign it. If there are some things vaguely written please don’t be shy to ask your employers. Be careful about the following: salary, working hours, accommodation, other benefits, working visa, your flight payment, and contract dates, documents and so on.

Requirements teaching in universities in China


1: Bachelor degree or higher certification


2: 120hours TEFL or TESOL is required


3: Native English speaker


4: Minimum 2 year teaching experience


5: Enthusiasm in teaching and responsible 

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