With the increasing economy in China and the financial crisis in the west, many expats and foreign workers transfer their career to China. Without a doubt, China is one of the most developed country in Asia and it also the center of financial, trade, and export business. A lot of expats come here for working as an ESL teacher and can find opportunities to begin their career. Teaching in china you not only can get different teaching experience you don’t have in other countries, but also you can enjoy Chinese unique lifestyle and culture. Many ESL teachers come to China for teaching in primary schools, kindergartens and high schools. They learn a lot from Chinese people. They enjoy the amazing lifestyle in china.


1: Travel to different cities

China is a vast country at a size of 9.6million sq km and is rooted with thousands of years of rich culture and history: the Great Wall, Chinese Emperors, Terra Cotta Amy, Summer Palace, Gongfu, Chinese food and Chinese medicine, which are being appreciated by every corner of the earth. More and more people are travelling to China for business, trade and leisure. Teaching English in China is no doubt the best way to experience its culture and learn its language. Teaching in Chinese schools means you have a lot of time to go travelling, because students have a long summer holidays in summer, usually 2 months and 1 month in winter. During holiday time, you can make your own plan and travel to another city you like. You can have fun and enjoy Chinese splendid scenery in every corner of China: walk on Great Wall in Beijing, suntan on silky beaches on Hainan Island, visit minority tribes in Yunnan and check out the 19th Century European buildings in Qingdao, travel to the picturesque Guilin.


2: Enjoy Chinese minority lifestyle

There are many festivals in China including Chinese New Year Festival, Chinese Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Qing Ming Festival, ChongYang Festival and Moon Festival. They are all Chinese traditional festivals. Joining in with different kinds of these festivals is a good way to understand Chinese culture and enjoy their unique lifestyle. When you teach in China for a little time, you will probably have your Chinese friends. Going to your Chinese friends home to celebrate Chinese spring festival is a good way to feel the hospitality of Chinese local people. And you will find out that teaching in China is the best decision.


3: Snacks 

China is famous for its delicious snacks. From Beijing's Hutong to Guangzhou alleys you can find different authentic snacks. Those who love tasting all the tasty foods in the world can't miss it!. On a sunny afternoon, head to the alley to go shopping, eat snacks with your friends. When you feel tired you can sit on the side of the road, seeing the people busily rush back and forth. Something you won’t see in your hometown.

4: Language

Chinese language is very interesting, when you teach in China; you can learn Chinese language and calligraphy. Chinese “hanzi” is very different. You may think it’s difficult to learn, but if there are Chinese people all around you, you can learn this wonderful skill fast.


5: Night life   

In China, the night life isn’t similar with western countries. You can go to karaoke, shopping on the street stalls. There are many different kinds of souvenirs and cheap clothes at night.  Retailers always begin their stalls after 9 pm, at that time, the amazing night life begins. 



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